At First

We just wanted to meet

For the last year, on the last Sunday of each month, a group of entrepreneurs have gathered for a monthly meeting in Casablanca, Morocco, which they called “Dir Labas.”

During these meetings, they discussed matters in relation to Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, taking a break from time to time for a Pizza , some snacks and networking.


It started with just 20

At first they were a couple of dozens, and with time this number has grown. The format of the meeting evolved and the venue of the meeting had to be changed to accommodate the influx of people who wanted to attend.

Our meetings in Casablanca now host about 150 people each time, they are totally free of charges or promotions. More than 2000 people at times signup to get one of the 150 seats available.

And now

It's going national

Our group has now, in fact, grown to be over 5000 strong, from all over Morocco, and it is for that reason that two decisions were taken:

1. It was decided to make this meeting a national occurrence that takes place in many cities simultaneously on the same dates, and so for that we sought local volunteers & partners in several cities.

2. We decided to hold an annual conference that would bring in experts from around the world, and to keep this conference at relatively low and affordable prices that are proportional to our costs.


We are happy that this annual conference is now “Dir Labas Expo” and we hope that it is a useful experience to all that attend it from its variety in content to the networking opportunities it provides.

We know that we won’t be perfect, but we will do our best for sure, as our aim with time is for this event to attract more and more people from all over the world and take on a regional and why not an international dimension that goes beyond Morocco.

Thank you for helping make this happen.