Khaled Belkeram

Khaled Belkeram

Belkeram Khaled was born and grew up in the small Algerian town of Cheria, close to the Tunisian border. He attended USTHB in Algeria, a university that is located close to the capital city of Algiers, before he moved to Chicago, Illinois in 2012 and continued his studies at University Of Chicago.

He is an expert in the Online Marketing and has subsequently gained qualifications in Digital marketing, Web Development and E-Commerce.

Today, Khaled is an online entrepreneur and manages his own online business. He still lives in Chicago, with his wife, and is passionate about all things to do with the Internet and helping others to make a success of their own online businesses.

When he has some free time and isn't working or writing, Khaled enjoys photography. He plays soccer at weekends and does voluntary work with several organizations both in Chicago and in his native North Africa.

Khaled's greatest wish is to see the whole world at peace and he believes that this possible with the internet helping to break down barriers and connect people from diverse backgrounds.

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